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Primus Telecommunications Profile

Primus Telecommunications, Inc. is the principal U.S. subsidiary of Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (NASDAQ: PRTL), a Fortune 1000(R) global telecommunications company. Headquartered in McLean, VA, and founded in 1994, Primus Telecommunications Group is among the largest international telecommunications concerns.

Primus Telecommunication Group is a global facilities-based Total Service Provider. Primus offers voice, wireless, Internet, voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP), digital subscriber line (DSL), and other data services to corporate customers, small and medium-sized businesses, residential customers, and other communications carriers located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Primus owns and operates an extensive global backbone network including 21 international and domestic gateway switches located throughout Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region. This network is supported by ownership in over 35 transoceanic fiber optic cable systems, providing the Primus global network with connectivity to over 250 countries world-wide. By offering worldwide facilities-based service, Primus has the ability to carry your calls over one network.

Like other industry leaders, Primus Telecommunications delivers high-quality solutions for more than 2.4 million consumers, including small and medium enterprises and multinational businesses. Unlike the rest, Primus takes advantage of global telecommunications deregulation. This allows Primus to bring you facilities-based networks and facilities-based datacenters for a sophisticated line of services to manage your complete E-Business and data communication needs.

Primus Residential, Business, and International Long Distance

As an experienced, global telecommunications player, Primus successfully meets the residential, business, and international long distance needs for individuals and companies in a broad spectrum of industries. Primus direct dialing service uses an intelligent global fiber optic network, designed to give the customer speed, ease of use and crystal clear connections. You can save up to 85% compared with national carriers both on national and international calls.

Primus Worldwide Voice Service

Long Distance: Whether you are calling within the US or internationally, Primus offers reliable quality, dedicated or switched, long distance voice service.

Toll Free Service: Primus Domestic U.S. and International Toll Free service offers your business a competitive edge by providing a way for your customers to reach you from within the U.S. or from over 60 countries worldwide.

Primus Passport Calling Card

Traveling Internationally?

The Primus Passport Calling Card makes business calls from domestic and international locations easy. No more worrying about expensive calls from hotel rooms: simply dial the access number for the country you are visiting, and Primus will connect your call.

The Primus Passport calling card provides a convenient and cost effective alternative for making calls away from the office: within the US; US to international; and from over 50 countries worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Primus Mobile Gateway (GAD 918)
Primus Mobile Gateway is an alternative to dialing internationally with your current cellular provider. When you wish to make an international phone call, simply select the preprogrammed access number and enter the phone number when prompted to do so. On the Primus side, we will receive the call from the customer at our switch and special software will recognize the customer's cellular number and provide authorization for the call to take place. If for some reason the caller is not recognized, Primus will prompt the customer to enter their authorization code which Primus will provide when the customer is first installed.
Lingo – Broadband Phone

Lingo is the most affordable U.S. Internet telephone service that offers unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the US, Canada and even to Western Europe - for only $19.95/month. That's up to 80% savings on a typical local and long distance phone bill. And subscribers even get other great calling features like voicemail and caller ID free, not to mention other low international rates. All one needs is a regular telephone, broadband connection and Lingo. Lingo is backed by a Fortune 1000 communications company named Primus Telecommunications.

When a subscriber signs up Lingo will send a Lingo phone adaptor (that's the Lingo device pictured below). Installation is easy and our Customer Care team is available 24x7 to help if with any questions. After installation, the subscriber is ready to make and receive calls over their high-speed Internet connection. That's Lingo, simple Internet phone service.

Lingo Features

In addition to outstanding pricing, Lingo comes packed with advanced call management features, to include: Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, *69, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Do Not Disturb, Emergency Calling Service, Redial, Speed Dial, Voicemail, 3-way Calling, Directory Assistance, Dedicated Fax Line (with Lingo Business Plans), Universal Numbers, Simultaneous, Ring, Local Number Portability, Online Account Management, and Free In-Network Calling to name just a few…

How Lingo Works

How Lingo Works

If you've got a high-speed Internet connection, Lingo is a service you can use to make calls over the Internet at significant savings over analog calling. Here's how it works:

  1. Lingo sends your calls across the Internet.
  2. Your calls go through your Cable/DSL modem or IP router.
  3. Your Lingo phone adaptor splits your high-speed broadband connection.
  4. Your Internet connection should work as it did before you installed the Lingo phone adaptor - sending emails and other web data to your personal computer.
  5. Your phone calls are sent through your Lingo phone adaptor to your regular or cordless telephone.
Primus Wireless

Primus Wireless is the first wireless provider to offer U.S. consumers a convenient and inexpensive way to place local, national and international calls from their wireless phones, just as they currently do from their home or office.

Features of the new Primus Wireless service include:

  • Ability to place direct-dial international calls without PIN numbers
  • No monthly fees for low international rates
  • No surcharges for each call
  • Local, national and international calls on one bill
  • No requirement to prepay for calling minutes
  • Free minutes to select countries
  • Low per minute international rates worldwide

Check for the most current rates.

Primus Wireless also offers customers the option to obtain an in-country phone number for their wireless phones in participating countries. The in-country phone number will make it easier for individuals residing in these countries to place a call directly to a Primus Wireless customer for the price of an in-country local call. Combining this service with Primus Wireless gives you the complete convenience of making and receiving international calls at anytime, anywhere in the country.

Primus Wireless leverages The Primus Global Communications Network, which now reaches over 200 countries, to provide Primus Wireless customers with value and quality for local, national and international calling.

To Sign-Up or ask additional questions please call 1-800-899-9922 and use Promotion Code 83668.

Primus Dial-up Internet Access
With Primus Internet access, you will receive fast and reliable dial up connections, no banner advertising, and friendly, toll free technical support.
Primus Residential & Business Long Distance | Primus International Long Distance | Primus Lingo | Primus Passport Calling CardPrimus Mobile Gateway | Primus Dial Around | Primus Toll Free Number

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